Memorial Day Gaffe

Today I almost passed out from embarrassment.  I told my manager to have a great Holiday weekend.  Completely spaced on the fact that he had served in the Air Force.  OMG.  I felt absolutely horrible!  Told a co-worker what I did and even she was like, ummmm.  “Jacqui, whatchu doin’?”

So, I took to google to figure out how to fix that gaffe.  Turns out?  I didn’t make a mistake!  Even though people say Happy Memorial Day to our living Vets, which, there is nothing wrong with doing that, Memorial Day is to honor those that died in service to our country.  Veteran’s Day is for those that served our country and are still alive.  However, even Veteran’s Day, you hear it said to those that are alive and to those that have died. Again? Nothing wrong with that!

I still feel like an idiot, because, I should have said Happy Memorial Day, but, to those who felt that heart stopping moment of fear that you may have messed up, I’m here to tell you, that you haven’t.

With all that said, I’d like to wish my father and step-father, who’ve both passed away, and all of our military personnel, alive and dead, a Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for everything you have done and have sacrificed to serve our country.  You are ALL greatly appreciated!



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