Car Shopping Experience with KIA

I’m a little later in posting this than I wanted to be due to life happening and I had stopped blogging for awhile.  So, I decided that the two year anniversary would be suitable to post this as I really wanted to share my experience.

Two years ago, I decided to purchase a new car. I hadn’t had a car payment in five years, so, it was a huge decision for me to make. But, I felt that the car was starting to have more problems than it was worth and didn’t want to have to continually have to worry about repair bills.

I went to several dealerships. Chevy, Honda and Ford. Unfortunately, for the price range that I could afford my payment to be, they were unable to meet my needs. I was looking to start a business and I really just needed a car or an SUV where I’d be able to open the hatch and put the seats down. The cars at these dealerships were great. Don’t get me wrong, however, as a single mom who was looking to keep her payments around $200, but no more than $225, it was difficult for them to help me. They had used cars for that payment range, but, those cars were too old, or too many miles on it.

I finally stopped at KIA in Wilmington. I told myself, this is absolutely the last stop. I am not going anywhere else. If they couldn’t help, it wasn’t meant to be, for me to get a new car.  At first, it didn’t look like it was going to happen. My sister then sent me a screen shot of a 2013 KIA Soul. Now, keep in mind, I REFUSED to consider the Soul. I didn’t like the way it was shaped, I didn’t like the hamster commercial, etc. I was dead set against it. Well, I decided to try it.  I FELL IN LOVE.  It was so roomy on the inside. I didn’t feel boxed in.

1st Car

2013 Silver KIA Soul – 1st Car

This car I had about a week. Unfortunately, they were unable to meet two of my firm needs. A key fob to open the car hands free. (I mean, what car doesn’t have this option???)  I told them that I felt like I was back in the 70’s. I needed this option because with what I planned to offer with my business, I needed to keep my hands as free as I could.  The other option was the USB port for my iPhone to. But, the 2013 model did not support the current iPhone charger.

2nd Car

2014 KIA Soul – 2nd Car

My second car, they were able to get me into was a new Soul. I loved it. The only thing wrong with it was, it didn’t have an enclosed center console which I like to rest my right arm on. I can deal with that. It met my other requirements.

Less than two days later, all these lights started coming on.  Tires, Brakes and Oil sensors. Power steering seemed to go as well.  Got it back into the shop. The car had a 100,000 mile or 10 year warranty on it. So, they took it with no issues and gave me a loaner.


Subaru Forester – Loaner

After two more days of them working on the car, they felt the issue was resolved. They actually brought the second car back to me at my job and took the loaner back to the shop for me. They truly are a great group to work with. They made sure things were done at my convenience.

The next day, all the lights came back on. Plus other lights. Called them back.  I was on my way to my daughters moving up ceremony, so, I told them I’d bring it back to them to work on.

2nd loaner

Subaru CrossTrek – Second Loaner

I ended up with a second loaner. They called me the next day, they had to replace the internal computer.  At that point, I was done. I wasn’t going to take a car back that already had a major part of the car replaced.  I worked with them after a few back and forth’s and ended up with my third and final car.


2014 Silver KIA Soul – Third and final car

I didn’t back down, I wasn’t rude, but, I had to give them the ultimatum of, get me into yet another new car, or, give me my old one back.  KIA was great to work with. After things were not able to be resolved in a way to make the customer happy with the second car, they then went above and beyond to make sure they were able to get me into a car that I felt comfortable with.

So, why am I sharing this? And why am I sharing it two years later?  Because it was a story that I wanted to get out there. I want people who are shopping for new cars to know that you can get what you want, even if it’s something unexpected like the car you swore you wouldn’t get. I feel strongly that KIA did everything in their power to make sure I was happy. Especially when they got the gist that I really was NOT comfortable taking a car that I felt happened to be one that wasn’t meant to work out. Not all cars come off the assembly line working perfectly.  That’s an unrealistic expectation.  And I feel that KIA recognized and acknowledged that.  They put together a plan for me that ended up working out for both of us.

So, two years later, thank you KIA!  I appreciate you stepping up, taking responsibility and making your customer happy :). I still love my car and my dealings with the KIA Service Dept has been absolutely fantastic.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. This is a post based on my own personal experience that I wanted to share.


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