Tiny Home Living

I’ve shared with you that I recently moved from Delaware to Pennsylvania. I sold my house and got rid of so much clutter and, in general, stuff.  I’ve always lived in places that have been at least 800 square feet. My first house after I got married was just under 1600 sq ft. My last home before moving to PA was 950 sq ft.

My current apartment is less than 600 sq ft. Moving into this apartment, I feel, is getting me ready for the tiny home living lifestyle that I am looking to live when my daughter no longer lives with me. Can I actually handle living in a smaller home? I am looking to travel by RV when I have my career set up to do so. I have been getting rid of things for years, and am still getting rid of items from my home.  I am finding that the older I am, I really have no desire for stuff.  I just want the experiences that I can gain out of life. Travel, days laying by the creek, staring up at the stars, seeing what out of the way treasures I can find on back roads.

Questions you should ask yourself before moving into a smaller home:

  1. What is your reasoning? Are you looking to move to a smaller home due to finances?  Or do you want to use your money for, like myself, experiences? Or, are you trying to lower your carbon footprint.  These are three different reasons. Either you NEED to keep your finances lower, or, you WANT to keep them lower.
  2. What environment are you looking for?  City or Country? In the city, rules are a bit more strict than in the country. If you want to start going off the grid, country living may be better because you will have the option of well water and more room to grow your food and “live off the land”.
  3. Is it feasible for you to live tiny?  In other words, how many people live in your home? How comfortable will you be living tiny? Watching Tiny House Hunters on HGTV, I’ve seen families of six or seven move into a less than 500 sq ft home.  In my opinion?  That’s absolutely insane! I cannot imagine having that many people in such a small home. I’d be ready to kill the people I lived with if we were that enclosed.
  4. Do you understand what it means to “live tiny”? You will not be able to go out and shop for that 60″ flat screen.  You will not be able to have a man cave. You will be grocery shopping at least two or three days each week because your appliances are too small to have much food in them and you can’t freeze food for later. Cabinet space? That’s going to be at a premium. Maybe two shelves for canned goods and boxed food. And that’s if you’re lucky!

I’m not going to lie. It know it will be hard for me.  In the past, I’ve wanted more. I felt entitled to things because of what I had been through. My apartment now?  I am thrilled with. I am able to keep up with things easier. It’s not as cluttered. It took me this long to realize what I needed to be happy and relatively stress free. I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I did before. I am happy and content. I look forward to going home and being in my home. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way. In the past, I’ve always looked the other way when it came to my clutter. No matter how many times my family would say what a mess my place was.

If you live in a tiny home or apartment, what is your favorite or worst part of it. If you live in a “McMansion”, do you feel overwhelmed with the size? Would you go smaller given a choice?


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