Having a Hard Time Meeting People in Your New Hometown?


As you all know, I moved to a new town several months ago.  I don’t know anyone! I have been trying to get out more so I can try to meet new people. I’ve stopped at a local shop and got into a great conversation with the owner. I’ve worked with another local shop and had a book signing for my book that was published last month. Had several great conversations with people there. Last night, I did something I never did. While my clothes were drying at the laundromat, (Yes, I know. I have no washer/dryer onsite at my new apartment!) I went over to a local bar/restaurant to have dinner by myself. While I may not have talked much to people around me, it’s about getting out of my comfort zone. I am an introverted extrovert.  Make sense? Meeting new people tends to be hard for me. Striking up conversations?  Even harder!  But, once I know you?  Can’t shut me up. Just ask my family and friends!

So, I’m going to ask here, if you’ve moved to a new town, what have you done to meet new people?  I love my new town, but, do not relish the idea of not knowing anyone.  I of course know my neighbors, but, we are all in different parts of our lives. I’d like to meet people I can just go out and have a drink with. Get together for coffee and a good conversation. My daughter has friends who’s parents seem pretty cool. But, a downside is, I moved to the area recently. Her father is already friends with some of them. Not sure if that could be an awkward gathering?  Haven’t been in that situation yet, so, not sure how I would feel about that.

I’d REALLY love to hear what you’ve done to meet new people in your new town.  Leave a comment here!


12 thoughts on “Having a Hard Time Meeting People in Your New Hometown?

  1. My family will be moving in the next six weeks and this worries me. I don’t make friends easily. Like you I’m an introverted extrovert. My husband has no interest at all at making any new friends anywhere, so that makes it extra hard. I’m not sure how I’ll meet new people.


  2. I relocated last year 9 hours away from where I was born and raised. I met many of the people I know from church. I still don’t feel I have any really close friends but I at least finally feel like I know some people. I am an introverted extrovert also and I know this makes it hard because I am not one to put myself out there.


  3. I wish I had more advice for you but I grew up in the town I live in so it’s all people I know from the good old days. Sure I don’t hang with them, but in passing by I nearly know everyone. I would think just sparking up random conversations in the local grocery store would work – I do that when we go on road trips 😉

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  4. We moved 7 times in 10 years. I always joined moms group, playdate groups, and active groups that I found on meetup.com. I am so happy we are finally where we are going to be for a while!


  5. I have the best way for you to meet people, adopt a dog! Seriously, if not for our dog, we would not know anyone. On every walk our dog goes over to talk to other dog owners and then we start to talk and get to know each other.

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  6. When we moved to where we are now, I tried to go to PTA meetings and find other Moms on Facebook to connect with. Playgroups is another great place to find Moms. Also Meetup.com is a good place to connect with people that share the same interests as you! Good luck!

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