5 Steps to Find Your Life Purpose


Inc.com put out an exercise for us to try and find our life purpose. I accept that challenge. I am copying and pasting their article to answer the questions:

1. Write down all the the things you absolutely love to do in life. Be outrageous, open-minded, honest, and creative. Label it your “My Love List.” It may make more sense later, the point is to get inspired and let your imagination run free.

My Love List:

  • Daughter
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Traveling
  • Reality Shows (Guilty Pleasure)
  • Someone scratching my back
  • Wine
  • Pedicures/Manicures
  • People Watching
  • Netflix Binge Watching
  • Walking (REALLY need to get back into doing this.)

2. List the things you do with relative ease. The very things you’re passionate about may end up being your purpose, but because it’s so natural and under our noses, we may even be aware of it.

  • Talking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Daydream
  • Review other’s work while I’m reading. (I’ve actually reached out to authors and let them know the issues I’ve found.)

3. Look back at your personal history. We all have unique challenges we’ve had to overcome with great success that may be a perspective nobody else has, but you. What have you conquered and need to share to make the world a better place?

  • How to get past my divorce without bitterness.
  • That forgiveness is not for the sake of others, but, for yourself.
  • Living in a world where I have no parents alive.
  • Going back to school later in life. Obtained my Bachelors degree at the age of 36.

4. Ask trusted friends, family and professional coaches for perspective. If you’re stuck figuring out what lights your fire, and can’t shake off your own inner critic, it may be time for objectivity. Other people will see things that you don’t,  and can help guide you to find something hidden inside yourself.

I’ve been told to stop planning/making goals and DO IT. Stop letting life pass me by.

5. Ask these thought-provoking, self-discovery questions to get you processing:

  • What are the things you would do even if you didn’t get paid for it?
    • Write.
    • Offer an ear when someone needs to vent or get something off of their chests.
  • What do other people say you’re really good at, or that you should do professionally, or do more of? Talking and Listening – Possible Counselor. Writing and critiquing – Writer/Editor.
  • What is the one thing you want to experience or accomplish before you die? I want to travel. I do not want to be stuck in one location, feeling like I’ll never get out.
  • If you had all the money in the world, how would you spend your time? Traveling and helping those less fortunate.
  • What would your perfect day look like? Describe every detail. Sitting in a rocker on the porch of a cabin in the middle of the woods. Looking out over a lake or creek. Seeing nature at its finest.  Squirrels running up and down the trees. A deer and her babies drinking from the lake or creek, then bounding into the forest. Birds overhead, flying in and out of the shadows of the trees. Either a loved family member, great friend or a significant other sitting in the rocker next to me sharing in the delight of the day.
  • What activities set your soul on fire? Traveling back roads, getting lost and finding new (to me) treasures that I wouldn’t have found traveling on main roads.

My conclusion is that my life’s purpose is exactly what I want to do. I want to travel and work from the road.  I’m not asking for handouts. My siblings may disagree, but, I do enjoy work. My problem is, I haven’t had a job that I’ve been passionate about. I’ve had jobs that pay the bills (barely). I’m 43 years old and am finally getting the career that I want to spend the rest of my life doing.


24 thoughts on “5 Steps to Find Your Life Purpose

  1. My husband and I talk about these things all the time and our main goal in life is to make sure our kids go to college or find something they’re happy doing and then travel. We always talk about helping the less fortunate and it’s something I try to instill in my kids.

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    • College is definitely on the list for my daughter! She’s not thrilled, because she doesn’t feel she needs a degree for Photography, but, told her to go for entrepreneurial studies since she wants to own her own studio. Her father works at a University, so, her education is free. We’ll just have to pay dorm and food costs. I am waiting until she graduates college to start full time what I want to do. Unless I’m able to make a go of it and work from home.


  2. I can definitely relate to this post. I have had jobs to pay my bills not really what I want to do. I still haven’t figured out what I want to do. However, I know that it will be clear and I will know. It’s just a filling or my own intuition.

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    • Anita, it’s only been the last few years that I’ve figured out what I want to do. And honestly? Some of it is add on’s to other jobs I want to do, to bring in extra money. I’ve already published my first book and I’m currently working on my second book, while having my 3rd, 4th and 5th books outlined 🙂


    • That’s fantastic! I’m so glad that opportunity was provided to you! With me starting later in life, I felt it was a waste and almost considered just continuing on the way I was going. But, decided I wasn’t too old, put my big girl panties on and started moving in the direction to get me where I wanted to be.


  3. Jenny, that is a great point! Those Facebook memories that pop up? I had a question out to my friends, asking if they could change one thing in their life, what would it be. The memory popped up again a year later, so I shared it and asked if things changed. Surprisingly, only two people changed it :).


  4. These are all great steps, I love reading posts like this that inspire others to help be a better person! Love this positive message and step by step guide for others to lead their own version of happy!


    • Liz, I’m learning that! When I moved this past Spring, I realized how much STUFF I’d accumulated. Couldn’t believe it! I got rid of over 75% of the things I had, moved into a smaller place and am still getting rid of things. I’d rather experience life and what it has to offer. Instead of being able to say, “Yeah, I have that. I’d rather say, Yeah, I DID that.”


  5. I believe that it is important to look back at all you blessings, you ups and downs and you lessons that were learned. From there you will see how you were shaped and can decide on which direction you want to go in afterwards.


    • That is a great point. What you’ve done in the past has certainly shaped who you are now. But, who’s to say that starting this at a younger age, wouldn’t make you into any less of a character. Strong work ethic, and the desire to live how you want to live are great motivators 🙂


    • Too true. In recent history, people seem to be settling in their careers and personal life because it’s expected. I know that’s exactly what I’ve done! And it’s what I’ll do until my daughter graduates college, unless I’m able to get my freelance business underway. Then I’ll have met at least half my goal!


    • Lol! Yes! My motto is, scratch my back and I’m yours for life! Lol. Still need to find that someone. Right now, a wooden back scratcher is getting all the credit. 😂😂😂


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