Six of my Favorite Travel Campers

I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that my plans once my daughter graduates is that I want to work from the road while I travel the country. Since it’ll be just me traveling, I just need a smaller camper to pull behind my car. I currently have a 2014 Kia Soul. So, weight limitation is a concern. Upon further research of the Soul’s towing capacity, even with the smaller travel campers, I am going to have to purchase a new SUV to pull my new home with.  I will go into the reasoning why I am choosing to go with a travel trailer instead of a an all in one RV in another post.

When selecting a camper, I do have some requirements and I don’t want to bend too much on them.

  • Separate sleeping area
  • Dinette area
  • Seating area
  • Full size bathroom with a door.

So, I started my research. The information I’ve come across is quite promising! I’ve narrowed it down to three companies that I’ll be looking into further when the time has come.


Vintage Cruiser – “The Fun and Style of the 1950’s, with the Technology of the 21st Century”


Image courtesy of Gulfstream

I adore this little guy!  The interior even matches the the name. It’s got a beautiful vintage look inside and I FELL IN LOVE!  I looked at model 17RWD. This one does not have a seating area, and the bedroom isn’t closed in, but, unlike some other brands, the bed is not right there as you walk into the camper, which I appreciate. I don’t think I’d mind having to sit on the bed if I were watching TV. The dinette area would serve two purposes of course.  Eating and my work space. This model is 20 feet long and 9’10” in height.  Perfect for little ole me! And the awning is a nice addition to sit under during the rain, or if you’re under trees with leaves falling. I like seeing the fall season, but, not falling on me!


Image courtesy of Gulfstream

This image has a seating area, but, that is in their larger model. But, I love the retro look!

Vista Cruiser – “Go Anywhere”


Image courtesy of Gulfstream

This one is a contender even though the bedroom and dining area are one and the same.  The reason for that is, it gives two other options that are needed. An outdoor kitchen and it has a little more storage with the additional wardrobe/pantry area and the three side overheads it offers.  I like the outdoor kitchen option because it allows you to set this up as a site camper with a picnic area. You don’t feel limited to staying inside. This cruiser is also 20 feet in length and 9’10” in height. It’s more rustic inside which is ok.  I like rustic, but, I also love character and color.


Image courtesy of Gulfstream

If I had to choose today, I would say my choice for Gulfstream would be the Vista Cruiser!

Winnebago –

Micro Minnie


Image courtesy of Winnebago

There are two models I like for Winnebago’s Micro Minnie. The 1706FB and the 1700BH.

The 1706FB because it is smaller. It has a separate bed from the dinette area and a full size bathroom. I love the overhead storage as well as the wardrobe and pantry in such a small space. This model is 19’2″ long, but and 6’4″ high inside.  The Gulfstream did not indicate interior or exterior dimensions, so, I suspect that the interior is around the six foot range as well.


Image courtesy of Winnebago – Model 1706FB

Winnie Drop – According to Winnebago’s site, the Winnie Drop is the camper taking them back to their roots!  And it’s starts at only $13,333.


Courtesy of Winnebago

There are four models for the Winnie Drop.  Of them, my favorite is model WD170S. This is the only one that has a full bathroom and not a wet bath. It measures at 18’4″ long and interior height is 6’5″. Model WD1708 was a close second because of the wrap around dinette that could be turned into a bed. Bigger office space! I like the outdoor kitchen on Model WD170K though:). The exterior pass through is wonderful for storage!


Image courtesy of Winnebago

If I had to choose today, I would go with the Winnie Drop. This one was a close one.  But, I like the exterior pass through, and it seems more defined in the separation of rooms. And let’s be honest.  I love the bigger bathroom!  LOL.




Image courtesy of Jayco

The Hummingbird is the one I would consider because it is perfect due to size limitations.  My favorite Model is the 17RB.  Why?  You got it!  The bathroom! But, not only that, the kitchen has great storage!


Image courtesy of Jayco

The floor plan of the Hummingbird, given its size, just looks more open to me for some reason. While I love the openness, I do not like the wood covering over the fridge.  Some may like that design, but, unfortunately, I’m not one of them.  I like to see some definition in a room.

Jay Feather

The other Jayco one I was looking at was the Jay Feather. Of this design, the only model I would consider is 18RBM. It’s fully enclosed and the bed isn’t in a cloth walled room. I prefer my walls to be solid :).


Image courtesy of Jayco

This one is my absolute FAVORITE design.  Why?  BATHTUB!  Who doesn’t like a good bubble bath? The Jay Feather also has great storage. It doesn’t have my dinette though :(.  Same thing here. One of the couches could be replaced with a dinette.

If you are looking to live the RV Camper lifestyle, you should make sure you know what you want. If you’re doing it full time?  Don’t compromise on a lot. That’s going to be your home and you will need to be happy there.  The only thing I know I will need to compromise on because of the size is the seating area. With that said, I have other options. The dinette area could be modified and used as a seating area.  The bed makes a comfortable place to sit as well.

With all that said, if I chose to get a bigger car, I may be able to get a bigger camper, however, I still don’t know that I’d go too much bigger. Mainly because I’m so used to smaller cars, I’m not sure how I’d handle driving something up to thirty five feet, including my car!

Do you live the RV lifestyle?  Are you a permanent one or a part time one.  What is your favorite thing about it and what do you not like about it?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I am sharing with you how I want to live and work, traveling the country


19 thoughts on “Six of my Favorite Travel Campers

  1. I don’t think I can choose just one. I really want to own an RV by next Summer because I would love to do a road trip with the kids. We both work from home as adults so we can most certainly work from an RV on the road!

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  2. This is pretty awesome. I can’t remember the last time I’ve traveled with a camper in a long time. It would be nice to have one of these the next time I travel with the kids. I’m sure it’s going to be quite an experience!


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