Meet Jacqui ~ The Flights of Fancy Mom

Flights of Fancy Mom is a page where dreams, adventures and at times, random thoughts are put to page.  The dreams of a mom who is a gypsy at heart and wants to start experiencing the most out of what the world has to offer. Jacqui is a 43 year old single mom who is learning to enjoy life as it comes.  She wants to live life without regret and make every day count.  Being tied to a desk can be a nightmare or an adventure.


Test driving the Chevy Traverse

Jacqui did the standard life things that are expected.  Finished high school, went to college, married and had a child. Things happen and the unexpected divorce was thrown into the mix. Jacqui went back to college for her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management. She also received a Diploma in Irish Studies from the University of Galway in Ireland.

Jacqui used to blog under Single Parent Retreat and Single Mama Review Corner. She was interviewed by and featured in Murray Newlands. In past, Jacqui has worked with eBay as a Parent Panel Member. She was also a Chevy Philly Mom Squad Member and worked with Chevrolet in test driving their Chevy Traverse. The Philly Mom Squad were also interviewed on Talk Philly on CBS.  Jacqui worked with Christiana Hilton in organizing an event to help bring awareness of things to do in Northern Delaware. After five years, Jacqui took a break due to life happening. She is now re-branding her blog and looks to get back in the saddle under Flights of Fancy Mom. :).

Jacqui has had her first book, Cavern Cove, published. It was released on June 20th!  Very exciting moment! It can be purchased in paperback or Kindle version.

If you have any questions, suggestions for posts for Flights of Fancy Mom, or, would like to work with Jacqui, feel free to reach out to her at TradesofJacqui AT gmail DOT com.  She can also be found on:

Facebook – 623 Followers
Twitter – 2625 Followers
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Instagram – 550 Followers

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