Hello everyone!  This page will be dedicated to traveling. Whether it’s vacations or day trips. I’ll be posting about previous trips and new ones as well. I’m excited to share with you, the world as I see it.

My bucket list of travels I want to do:

  • Travel to all 50 states.  Even if only driving through them.
  • Take cruises to different locations.
    • I’ve already been to Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico
    • This year I went to the Bahamas and Bermuda 🙂



CoCo Cay Bahamas

  • I want to take a Mediterranean Cruise with my daughter.
  • Go to Iceland and swim in the Blue Lagoon.
  • Visit and maybe live in Ireland for a little bit
  • Visit Italy, Paris, Australia
  • Heck, visit as much of the world as I can….  Why limit myself???

I tell my daughter to live her life ideally.  Don’t limit yourself. Have no regrets.


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